Slow fashion
Slow fashion

In the accelerated time of modern life, more often we decide to reduce the turnover of everyday life. Slow life, slow food ... Fashion can also be slow as well! Slow fashion means not only finding and getting to know each other, but also emphasizing the style.

Slow fashion is more than just fashion! It is also to get to know yourself, finding your own style and the ability to emphasize it. Slow fashion is a way of life - therefore it has its own rules. The basis here is to organize your own wardrobe to show femininity while providing comfort and satisfaction. Women's clothing is not only the fashion that reigns in chains but also individual projects.

It used to be a few important rules of slow fashion ... First of all: start by getting to know yourself and define your own style. This requires above all rethinking what styling gives us a sense of comfort. This does not mean throwing all the clothes out of the closet but selecting and leaving only those that are actually worn and liked by us. Behind this step, more ... Each woman knows perfectly well how many pairs of pants or jackets she is walking. Depending on whether you prefer styling for work or everyday stylization, you should decide what you need. The next thing is segregation in the wardrobe and regular cleaning. This will allow you to find the item you are looking for quickly. (Let's admit, how often do we discover a long-forgotten part of our grader ...?).

The fourth point of slow fashion focuses on the quality of clothes - of course in opposition to quantity. Slow fashion is, therefore, a critical approach to the offer of so-called chain stores and an emphasis on better-quality materials, individual projects and personal brands.

The fifth rule of slow fashion warns against sales. It is usually on them that we unnecessarily spend money and buy things that often go deeper into the closet. It is also a reminder of the fact that clothes created for large clothing companies are usually sewn by people used in the Far East. When choosing projects that are offered by an exclusive clothing brand, we limit this exploitation. Seventh - it is worth visiting second-hand stores and clothing stores, where you can also sell your own clothes.

Slow fashion, therefore, focuses on taking care of the contents of the wardrobe, and most importantly, avoiding impulsive shopping. This is an excellent method that will help eliminate unnecessary and incompatible garments from our wardrobes. High tailoring is more than just individual projects. Simply - stand out!

The Polish clothing brand OLA MELCER -

- slow fashion, high tailoring - only individual projects!


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