Can the cardigan be elegant?
Can the cardigan be elegant?

The cardigan has already arrived in modern fashion. Can the cardigan be elegant? How to wear it?

Cardigan - it's a kind of sweater fastened with buttons or a zipper. Recent years have brought fashion not only for long cardigans but also for their various cuts and patterns. We are particularly eager to reach cardigans in autumn and winter. In the Christmas season, the popularity record is typically seasonal, and therefore rich in Christmas, often exaggerated patterns. The elegant cardigan should, however, be toned down, preferably one-colour. It is also worth paying attention to the cut and the whole execution. Among those who can not deny elegance, all shades of grey reign supreme. Grey cardigan is universal and will be great with any other colour of blouse or trousers. What's more, it gives you a lot of freedom in choosing all kinds of accessories.
The cardigan can be elegant. Remember, however, that despite its charm and style, it does not fit into the business look. A cardigan in casual stylizations is a perfect solution not only for everyday life but also for an informal meeting. It also works well in the office - unless we have strictly business rules on the outfit.
When choosing this type of sweater, it is worth paying attention to its finish and accessories. The buttons, which are similar but not noticeable, look much better than a zipper. All the charm will be added by inserts in the form of fur or fancy weaves of wool.
The cardigan can have different lengths. Currently, cardigans reaching the hips and even knees or calves are popular. Long cardigan perfectly harmonizes with jeans and other fitted trousers. You can boldly wear it for ballerinas or boots. What's underneath? Depending on the occasion, you can choose both a flannel shirt, a t-shirt and an elegant blouse. Here, however, it is worth remembering the colour matching of the whole. If we choose a grey cardigan, let's try to avoid the grey in other elements of the outfit. Grey cardigan looks great with blue or navy blue jeans and a white blouse. Additions in the form of a scarf or long pendants will give a stylization of lightness and femininity.
Cardigan for a skirt or a dress? Why not! Here, however, pay attention to the length of both elements. A long dress combined with a long cardigan will definitely disturb the silhouette composition. Cardigan with a belt will look great for a short skirt or knee-length. In autumn, it can also play the role of a warming overcoat or even a coat.

Can the cardigan be elegant? Of course yes!

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