Asymmetry in fashion
Asymmetry in fashion

Formerly unthinkable! It was being avoided as much as possible! Even a few decades ago, it was treated as extravagance, today - as elegance. Asymmetry in fashion.

The times in which every element of our wardrobe had to be perfectly equal has passed forever. Asymmetry in fashion appeared gradually and went a long way: from the full extravagance of fashion shows to widely available and popular stores, referred to as "chains".
Today, asymmetry in fashion concerns several aspects and can take various forms. The most common is the asymmetry of the cut of the clothes. It applies to asymmetrical solutions in skirts, dresses, blouses or even t-shirts, where the cut is distinguished by a more or less elongated back. Less often are cuts with an elongated on one side. An equally interesting solution is the cuts that allow you to manipulate the asymmetry, for example by the possibility of lengthening or shortening any element of the outfit. To this end, both strings, buttons and all kinds of hooks are used. We can then manipulate the length of the sleeves, legs or even the length of the part of the dress or skirt.
The second type of asymmetry in fashion can be applied to ornamented elements of clothing, for example, frills, as well as patterns and colours of fabrics or inserts. This is an asymmetry that allows a lot of fantasy in the process of designing clothes. Any kind of asymmetry in fashion should be an expression of freedom. At the same time, however, it should be remembered that stylization with asymmetrical elements of the garment carries some limitations. The classic, subdued blouse will definitely fit the asymmetrical skirt. The asymmetry in the outfit requires a careful rethinking of the accessories. To the asymmetry associated with the cut of clothes, we can choose jewellery much more bold, than the asymmetry associated with the colour or other decorations. However, definitely, the asymmetry in the outfit focuses enough attention on yourself. Therefore, accessories in the form of jewellery or shoes should then be more subdued.
Asymmetric clothes are perfect for meeting friends or casual style. The business look is still governed by its laws and dimensional typefaces. An interesting fact is that all kinds of asymmetries are mainly the fashion domain for women. Trends in men's fashion seem to be much more conservative in this respect.
Asymmetry in fashion can be surprising, it can also be elegant. It all depends on the whole stylization. Today fashion's asymmetry is quite good. Let's use it because it's worth!

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